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Using advanced synthesis techniques, TECNAN produces and commercialises on large-scale simple, mixed and doped nano-oxides from more than 60 elements of the Periodic System in a clean and environmentally friendly way, obtaining products with high quality and purity, very small size (7-25 nm) and with multisectoral applications.

This methodology allows carrying out productions from grams, for laboratory scale demands, to tonnes, for industrial manufacture. Starting out from a basic catalogue comprising simple nano-oxides, TECNAN has developed the capability to produce special complex nanoparticles such as mixed oxides of various elements, oxides doped with different metals and even complex “core-shell” structures. These kinds of products, which require a custom oriented specific development, are available upon request in order to satisfy the different specifications of each client.


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All nano-powders produced by TECNAN are available dispersed in different media such as water, alcohols and other solvents, both in standard concentrations and in ad-hoc conditions according to the client´s demands. TECNAN´s great expertise and know-how implies homogeneous dispersions, with outstanding stability and perfectly tailored to the specific requirements defined.

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Based on nanoparticle dispersions, TECNAN has developed a range of exclusive references. These innovative products are completely ready to be applied directly on different substrates (concrete and gypsum, glass, wood), according to their porosity, achieving superficial effects such as superhydrophobicity in an complete and lasting way due to the strong adherence of the product to the surface and its excellent stability.

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TECNAN is highly skilled regarding incorporation of diverse nanofillers into polymeric matrices in order to obtain optimised properties for a broad spectrum of plastic materials such as polyethylene, both high and low density, polypropylene, EVA, rubber, etc. TECNAN produces and commercialises a wide range of pre-concentrates with loads between 25% and 60% in weight of nanoparticles customised according to the client’s specifications. These masterbatches for nano-composite production represent an innovative way of developing new functionalised plastic materials or a new way of improving them.



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